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Goetheanum, Switzerland
Headquarter of the Anthroposophical Society

Anthroposophic medicine

 The spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner founded anthroposophic medicine about 100 years ago together with the gynecologist Ita Wegmann and the chemist Rudolf Hauschka.

For me it is a truly holistic healing art, because it understands the human being as a physical-soul-spiritual being. It is related to the entire cosmos, integrated into its rhythms and power effects. It is also inextricably linked with the kingdoms of minerals, metals, plants and animals.

The special remedy compositions from WALA and Weleda are made up of these ingredients.

"Nature is a whole,
the forces work from everywhere.
Who has an open mind for
the obvious forces,
he understands nature." 

Rudolf Steiner ,1924


Practice for naturopathy
Sabine Holzmann
Marienstraße 23
92224 Amberg


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